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Here's one we just found - an exceedingly well-organized site called How to Divorce at No matter what your role in the divorce, this is information you will need.


To locate individual listings for professional services in this field, try the print or Internet version of the phone book for Mediation.

Just Solutions Call Now
410 W. Chestnut Street, Suite 628, Louisville, KY 40202 (note the hyphen)
A program of the Council on Peacemaking, Just Solutions Mediation Service is a full service mediation training and services center. Case mediation for disputes in the following areas: family, business, housing, organizations, community, etc.

Legal Services

To locate individual listings for professional services in this field, try the print or Internet version of the phone book for
Attorneys - Divorce, Adoption, & Family Law.

Free Legal Counseling at Louisville's Financial Empowerment Services Center Call Now
call 502-574-5191 for an appointment (required)
Urban Government Center, room 3334
810 Barret Avenue, Louisville, KY 40204
All services at the Empowerment Center are free and open to everyone. These sessions provide a great opportunity to get a personalized assessment of your legal issues with an experienced expert and decide what next steps are possible and appropriate.
2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, 9 am - 1 pm at 810 Barret Avenue, 3rd Floor
Any kind of legal guidance or advice, including:
- Child custody
- Disability or social security issues
- Expungement
- Bankruptcy or foreclosure guidance

Fianancial Counseling and Healthcare Counseling are also available here on different days of the month.

Legal Aid Network of Kentucky Call Now
502-584-1254 - Louisville office - Louisville website - state website
When you need help and don't know what to so, these are the people to call. "The mission of the Legal Aid Society is to pursue justice for people in poverty. We provide free legal services to the most disadvantaged in our community. We fight on your behalf when your health, safety, and stability are unjustly threatened." Areas of service include:
  • Child custody
  • Child support
  • Divorce
  • Domestic violence
  • Emergency Protective Order (EPO)
  • Eviction
  • Foreclosure
  • Visitation

Louisville Bar Association Call Now
600 West Main Street, Louisville, KY 40202
This site has many useful legal links. Use the find-a-lawyer link to find Louisville attorneys by last name or by firm. The Legal Resources page provides links to all the important local, state, and federal courts; bar associations; law schools; and the like.

Jefferson County Attorney's Office Call Now
Child Support Division
315 West Muhammad Ali Blvd., Louisville, KY 40202

Jefferson County Public Defender's Office Call Now
719 West Jefferson Street, Louisville, KY 40202
The best legal minds money can't buy.TM

Kentucky Attorney General's Office Call Now
Division of Child Support Enforcement
600 West Cedar Street, Louisville, KY 40202


Jefferson County Family Court Call Now
502-595-3025 - Circuit Court Clerk
Family Court information and special events.

Families in Transition (FIT) Program Call Now
502-595-3025 - Circuit Court Clerk
Families in Transition is a court-mandated 6-hr divorce education program for all families with children ages 5 through 16 who petition for divorce with Jefferson County Family Court. Location varies. $50 per adult, children free.

National and Internet Legal Resources

American Bar Association Center on Children and the Law

American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
Provides clear, detailed information about mediation and reconciliation as well as divorce. The online version of the very thorough Divorce Manual - A Client Handbook is available at no cost. At you will find print publications for sale, including the Client Handbook, as well as booklets on such topics as how to tell your children about your divorce, and how to navigate the divorce process when you have a child with special needs.

Divorce Dictionary
A pop-up dictionary of legal terms.

Divorce in Kentucky
The name says it all. This web site, provided by a Louisville divorce lawyer, is very useful despite the commercial motivation.

Kentucky Divorce and Family Law
Published by Nolo, and helpful like everything they publish. If you have questions about child custody, division of property, or the divorce process, you will find much useful information here.

NOLO is an encyclopedic "do-it-yourself" law site.