Whether you are the one who left
or the one who got left,
divorce is a painful experience,
evoking confusion, anger, fear, guilt, and grief.
It is a profound human crisis.

What we do

In the midst of this crisis, Divorce Recovery Louisville meets weekly to offer emotional support, practical advice, and a sense of community to anyone considering divorce, going through it, or rebuilding a life afterwards. We help each other pick up and reassemble the pieces of our lives.

We welcome people regardless of religious affiliation, race, nationality, age, gender, sexual orientation, or role in the divorce. For more information about how the group works, use the About link above. For one person's experience of the group, look at this appreciation by a former group member.

Not sure what you'd get out of a support group? A brief, useful overview of how support groups work, and how they differ from group therapy, is on the Mayo Clinic's website.

(To be absolutely clear, Divorce Recovery Louisville is not a dating service -- think of it as an undating service, where you learn to live comfortably with yourself before you even think about living with someone else again. If you are looking for hook-ups or romance, keep looking. Elsewhere.)

Meeting time and location

We met every Sunday evening of the year from 5:00-6:30
in the education wing of Crescent Hill Baptist Church
2800 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, Kentucky 40206
Please use the lobby entrance on Birchwood Avenue.

Resources for you

The purpose of this web site is to provide a curated collection of some of the many services and resources available to people in divorce within the greater Louisville area and online. Whether you need to

- get help with immediate needs and crisis management

- find information about legal issues, or see our book list

- seek support as you move through divorce, or

- start anew with parenting, finances, jobs, or relationships,

the pages under the menu tabs above will show that there is a lot of help out there. While we can't guarantee any of these resources (see the disclaimer), we trust that they will lead you to information you can use.

We don't provide listings for individual therapists, law firms, etc.; we do provide ways for you to find them, but there are simply too many to keep up with, and we also don't want to seem to be endorsing some rather than others. So we primarily list volunteer, non-profit, and governmental organizations, but do include, for instance, local law firms as providers of online information rather than as providers of legal services.


New support group session starts October 23

To share fresh perspectives on what we are going through, every 16 weeks we start a new session of meetings by shuffling the membership and leadership of our small groups. The next such session starts October 23, and would be a great time to join us if you have been putting it off. No need to pre-register -- just show up at 5:00 o'clock, a bit earlier if you will be placing your child in child-care. As always, child-care, parking, and the meetings themselves are free.

Communicating with the other parent

Our family Wizard logoWe don't generally list commercial services here, but Our Family Wizard has been so highly recommended by members of the group that we have added it to the Co-Parenting page. It's a one-stop shop for communicating with your ex and documenting everything in both directions, for your own records or for court review. It even comes with ToneMeter (like an emotional spell-check) so you can tell if your email is turning into a rant.

Name Change

We are now Divorce Recovery Louisville. We had been the Louisville Divorce Recovery Support Group since 1982, and did not make the change lightly, but needed a clear, consistent identity for...

the group itself       Divorce Recovery Louisville
Facebook  fb.com/DivorceRecoveryLouisville
this site           www.DivorceRecoveryLouisville.org
and email      info@DivorceRecoveryLouisville.org

So... shorter name, same reliable and confidential support. See you Sunday evening!