Recovery from Smoking Addiction

To locate individual listings for professional services in this field, try the following headings in the print or Internet version of the Yellow Pages:

Smokers Information & Treatment Centers

Local Programs

Louisville's very own Stop Smoking program Call Now
502-574-STOP (502-574-7867)
Hey, this is great! Classes meet once a week for 12 weeks, with locations all over the city. Class materials and nicotine replacement therapy products (NRT patches, gum or lozenges) are provided free at most classes. "Our classes use the Cooper Clayton Method which has proven to be a very effective way to stop smoking. Created more than 25 years ago by two Kentucky professors, it combines nicotine replacement therapy with education and social support." Also offered at various YMCA locations.

National or Internet Programs

Nicotine Anonymous
A 12-step mutual support group for those who wish to stop smoking. No Louisville face-to-face meetings are listed, alas, but phone and internet meetings are.