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We don't as a rule recommend commercial divorce-related services here, but comes so highly recommended by members and facilitators of our support group that we are pleased to make an exception. Instead of relying on emails that can be ignored or notes in the kid's lunchbox that can be overlooked, all communications with the other parent go through the OFW website. In the site's own words: "You can use the OFW website to track divorce communications, child custody calendars, visitation schedules, parenting time, shared expenses and more. Every page is stamped with the last time both parents viewed the page, and every entry is documented with who made it and when. The OFW website produces clear, compelling records for court. Our co-parenting tools are recommended by courts throughout the USA and Canada." The cost is around $100 per year per parent. And, yes, you can sign up the other parent.
Making joint custody work after a separation or divorce.

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A child-centered approach to parental separation