Finances & Employment

To locate individual listings for professional services in this field, try the following headings in the print or Internet version of the Yellow Pages:

Employment - Agencies
Financial - Planners
Financial - Planning Consultants

About credit counseling
There have been enough stories in the press about credit counseling services that misrepresent their services -- or even add to their clients' debt -- that this site is unable to determine which ones even to link to. Ask a good CPA, your banker, or someone you trust for a recommendation if you need help in consolidating debt or fixing your credit. Be careful. Be very very careful.

Local and State Resources

Center For Women & Families, Inc.Call Now
502-581-7200 - office
972 South 2nd Street, Louisville, KY 40201
1-877-803-7577 toll-free 24-hour crisis counseling
The Center helps with such services as employment counseling, job search support, economic literacy classes, and credit repair. What don't they do?

NET - Network Employee Transitions Call Now
502-245-9733 - parish office
a ministry of the Church of the Epiphany
914 Old Harrod's Creek Road, Anchorage, KY
Contact person: Larry Howe-Kerr
Assists people learning how to ready themselves for employment through awareness of their gifts and developing skills.

Jewish Family & Career Service Call Now
3640 Dutchmans Lane, Louisville, KY 40205-3276
"JFCS Career Services & Workforce Development is the longest-standing career services provider in the region. Our mission is to encourage self-reliance, help individuals attain their maximum potential in career and educational development, and promote the economic well-being of our community." Anyone may use the career advising services.

Many thousands of job listings, links to employers' web sites, and employment advice.

Greater Louisville, Inc./Metro Chamber of Commerce
600 West Main Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202
Job seeker and other employment services on-line.

National and Internet Resources

Divorce Recovery™ of Tuscon
We have this group listed elsewhere on the site for its Divorce Recovery Handbook, but want to let you know here about the financial worksheets and a working Excel spreadsheet on the Printable materials page on its website. These can help you get a handle on your personal finances as you start over in new financial circumstances:

Track Your Monthly Expenses
Wants vs. Needs
Debt Pay Off
Money Management Tips
Plug Spending Leaks
Emergency Fund
Worksheet for Monthly Budget/Debt/Income (Excel)

Divorce Source, Inc.
How to deal with costs, risks, joint accounts, assets, taxes, etc.

Frugal Living
Advice on how to really cut down on spending. Some suggestions are just silly, some are profound.