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Start here. This might be all you need:
Divorce in Kentucky
The name says it all. This web site, provided by a Louisville family law firm, covers many topics in considerable detail.

This very useful magazine has a new spinoff called the Divorce School, which provides online learning about the legal, financial, emotional, and practical issues that could affect your divorce. "The Divorce School's mission is to empower men and women who are thinking about divorce, separated, or already divorced to make intelligent choices so that their divorce does not leave them financially and emotionally bankrupt. Instead, we'll teach you how to have an amicable divorce that will serve as a catalyst for life-changing transformation." This will be offered free in April 2016. Interesting concept. Please do let us know if it is useful.

American Divorce Information Network
many links and articles

Collaborative Divorce
Few words carry the emotional weight of "divorce." However, when a couple addresses the emotional trauma at the beginning of the divorce process, they can move through the many financial and legal decisions with less pain and greater clarity of thought.

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Sung by Bill Medley and Jimmy Hatfield: the Righteous Brothers
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Lyrics © Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

DadsDivorce.com is dedicated to helping divorced and divorcing fathers maximize their role in children's lives.

DivorceCare is a 13-week structured program with videos & discussion, and is the basis for several local divorce recovery programs.

Divorce as Friends


Divorce Source, Inc.
Divorce Source offers an effective way to locate information and communicate with professionals and individuals sharing similar thoughts and experiences.

Lots of useful links.

How to Get a Divorce.com
A summary of the divorce laws of all states and the District of Columbia, compiled directly from the most recently-available statute books and updates for each state. Lots of practical financial and record-keeping advice.

Military divorces
Information and resources concerning divorce and separation for active duty military and family members, including information on divorce lawyers, garnishment, child support, financial concerns, support, applicable regulations, and more.

North American Conference of Separated and Divorced Catholics
"Our Commitment: We let it be known that all who approach us will find a warm welcome and understanding! Since 1975, we have been committed to the healing and recovery of those who have experienced separation and divorce. We also realize that people experiencing other sources of pain - whether widowed, never married, or single parents for any reason - may benefit from the programs we offer and the services we provide."

The Most Frequently Asked Questions

Can I still receive the Eucharist? Yes!
Can I be a Lector, Eucharistic Minster, Parish Council member, etc.? Yes!
Can the children of a divorced and remarried Catholic without an annulment be baptized in the Church? Yes!
Must I obtain absolution prior to receiving the Sacraments because I'm divorced? No!
Can I be buried in the Catholic Church? Yes!

Web sites about Infidelity

Alas, Googling "infidelity support group" brings up pages and pages of results. How to choose? Maybe try lurking at a couple of them for a week or so to get a sense of the level of discourse, the helpfulness of the members and the moderators, and the sense of community. Each site has its own set of abbreviations to master, like 'WS' for Wayward Spouse, 'OP' for Other Person, and 'EMA" for -- ah, you guessed it!

Infidelity Support Group
10,000 members can't be all wrong. You don't even have to join to start to participate, but choosing a username lets others keep track of your story. Reminds me very much of alt.support.divorce on usenet, many years ago, where somehow people whose real names you didn't even know became hugely helpful.

Surviving Infidelity
Similar to above, except that there are separate forums for

Just Found Out
Wayward Side
New Beginnings
and the like.

Marriage Builders
Site provides resources for rebuilding a marriage broken by infidelity.

Esther Perel at a TED talk
TED talk about infidelity
Sociologist Esther Perel asks "Why do people cheat? Why do happy people cheat?" Her talk is smart and unexpected.